B.Sc In Fashion Designing- 3 Years

B.Sc in Fashion Design is an undergraduate program in designing. The duration of the course is 3 years spread across 6 semesters. The course deals with providing advanced knowledge of fashion design including clothing, jewelry, leather, footwear etc. This also includes creating designs, printing designs, what color combinations to choose and much more. The minimum eligibility criteria required for this course is that the candidate must have cleared 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board.

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Course Overview

First year opens the students into the world of fashion through, History of Costume, Draping, Fundamentals Elements and Principals of design. In this year they gain insight in Foundation Art and Fashion Illustration.

Second year intensify on the basics of pattern making. This involves explicit drafting, understanding of sewing technology and garment construction, yarn craft advanced course in textiles and dyeing, fashion illustration with design project and CAD.

The final year involves an extensive study in advanced Pattern Making, Garment Manufacturing Technology, Fashion Forecast, Merchandising and Entrepreneurship development which plays a major part in shaping up the complete course curriculum. The assignments are based on research, field trips and study tours.


The degree programme is a 3 years course divided into six semesters as below:

1. Basics of Fashion
2. PMGC (Pattern making and Garment construction) Basic
3. Fashion Illustration - Basic ( kids)
4. Fashion Theory
5. History of Costume - India
6. Garment Construction & Drafting
7. Fashion ornamentation
8. Elements of Textiles
9. Management Skills
10. English: Prose & Usage
1. Fashion Illustration -(kid / Female)
2. History of Costume - World History I
3. Textiles-Basic
4. Pattern Making (Kids / Female)
5. Garment Construction & Drafting (Kids / Female)
6. Elements of Textiles
7. Draping (Kids)
8. Embroidery
9. English: rose & Usage
1. Fashion Illustration & Application -(Female)
2. History of Costumes -World Fashion II
3. Textile Study Applicable to Fashion Art
4. Pattern Making (Female)
5. Garment Construction & Drafting (Female)
6. Study Of Apparel Marketing
7. Draping (Female)
8. Embroidery
9. Elements of Textiles
10. English Composition & Business Correspondence
1. Fashion Illustration & Application -(Female / Menswear)
2. History of Costumes - Oriental
3. Traditional Indian Textiles- Advance
4. Grading
5. Draping ( Female)
6. Pattern Making - (Female / Menswear)
7. Garment Manufacturing
8. Computer Application (CAD)
9. English Composition & Business Correspondence
1. History of Costume - Oriental
2. Textiles - Knit wear
3. Pattern Making Grading and Draping (Female / Menswear)
4. Garment Manufacturing
5. English Composition & Business Correspondence
6. Portfolio Development
7. Apparel Merchandising Process
8. Design concepts & Art Portfolio
9. Project work
10. Care Renovation and finishes of Textiles
11 Fashion Forecasting
1. Project work
2. Retail Marketing &Visual Merchandising
3. Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process
4. Pattern Making Grading and Draping
5. Design Concept & Art Portfolio
6. Promotional Product Development
7. Care Renovation and finishes of Textiles
8. Computer Application (CAD)

B.Des In Fashion Designing -4 years

Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design (BDes Fashion Design) is one of the most popular undergraduate fashion designing courses.

BDes Fashion Design covers all the aspects of fashion designing like Computer and Manual Designing, Textile Science, Pattern Designing, Merchandise Marketing, etc in complete detail starting from the very basic level.

To be eligible for BDes Fashion Design course, a candidate must complete 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board. The candidates should attain a minimum aggregate score of 50% at their 10+2 level, though it may vary depending on the college.

B.Des Course Overview

1st Year: Foundation and Basics

Introduction to Fashion Design,Fashion Sketching and Illustration, Textile Studies, Fashion History and Theory, Fashion Communication.

2nd Year: Intermediate Studies

Advanced Fashion Design, Drapping and Pattern Manipulation, Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, Fashion Technology, Textile Design.

3rd Year: Specialization and Advanced Topics

Portfolio Development, Fashion Branding and Management, Sustainable Fashion Practices, Fashion Show Production, Internship/Practical Experience, Elective Courses

4th Year: Capstone and Culmination

Fashion Collection Development, Entrepreneurship in Fashion, Final Presentation and Exhibition, Career Development, Thesis or Research Project.