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ogue is synonymous with art, aesthetics, beauty, creativity, culture, couture, design, elegance, fashion and luxury lifestyle.
Why the name is Vogue?
Vogue School of Design, Balewadi, Pune, is a contemporary, futuristic, manifestation of our ancient Indian cultural educational tradition of the 'Guru Shishya Parampara.'
'V' signifies 'Vidya' meaning Knowledge
विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् । पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् ॥
Knowledge imparts politeness which in turn gives worthiness. From that worthiness one earns a living.
'S' signifies 'Sanskriti', Indian culture.
'D' signifies both devotion to design and 'DhridNischyata' dedication and determination to enhance the fields of fashion education and interior design education.
Fashion is wearable art, Fashion is an extremely artistic, creative, dynamic, interesting medium of self expression, since it allows us as individuals the fantstic opportunity to create, develop, enjoy and maintain our own unique sartorial style.
The ever evolving fashion industry motivates everyone of us to keep up with the trends as they constantly metamorphose each season. Every quarter blossoms, brimming forth fresh creative, innovative ideas from the inspiring Haute Couture catwalks of the world's fashion capitals, which then get translated and hence transformed into commercially viable Pret-A-Porter (Ready to wear) collections available for all to wear and enjoy off the racks of High Street Fashion. Fashion alone is that rare medium, which constantly educates, engages, motivates, and inspires us, to build on ones' own individuality, helping boost and enhance our confidence which then reflects in one's personality, attitude, body language & lifestyle.

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A spirit with a Vision is a dream with a Mission

Our Mission

  • To form ingenious sense of trend along with mass globally.

  • To teach as well as deliver the recent trending and skilled methods in the market.

Our Vision

  • To generate opportunities for our skilled leaners in each and every corners of the map.

  • Vogue shall be the platform along with the top expertise for the learners to showcase their creative thoughts in a fruitful way.

In case you're wondering Who is Mr. Imam A Siddique? What does Mr. Imam A Siddique do? What are Mr. Imam A Siddique's credentials?

Well, ever heard of anyone who is both well known and equally successful in these multiple high profile careers spanning four decades? The list is extremely extra ordinary as it is endless: Artist Anchor, Aesthetician, Choreographer, Casting Director, Columnist, Celebrity, Dancer, Entertainer, Fashion Icon, Grooming Specialist, Historian, Image Consultant, Life Coach, Reality TV Star, Trainer & soon to be a published author.

Guess you know who we're talking about? The inimitable and singularly successful Imam A Siddique whose latest claim to fame was to be honoured and invited to represent our country Incredible India, as a Keynote Speaker for the United Nations International Day of Peace.

In his own words Imam A Siddique talks about his professional trajectory thus far...

"After relatively underutilized talents, skills & experience, followed by two decades of tangential career choices ranging from Anchoring, Choreography, Dance, Entertaining, Fashion modelling, Image Consulting, Talent management as a Casting Director, to Public relations for fashion & lifestyle individual & institutions, I realized my passion lay in connecting the dots between market opportunities in art, cinema, design, entertainment,fashion, technology, entrepreneurs and the ecosystems that bind them together. Namely the internet and now with emerging technology, Asia, India's Premier Artificial Intelligence Fashion and Jewelry Designer and Trainer.

A big fan of underdogs and of possibilities, I try my best to tell stories the way my heart feels them & my mind sees them."

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  • Fashion Style

  • Fashion Style
  • Accessories Designer
  • fashion Designer
  • fashion consultant
  • Boutique Owner
  • Fashion Editors
  • Specialist Shops
  • Fashion Experts
  • Visual merchandisers
  • Export Houses
  • Interior Designers

  • Consultancy Firm
  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • Export House
  • Glass Designer
  • Lifestyle Boutiques
  • Home furnishing Stores
  • Vastu Consultant
  • Landscape Designer
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Set Designer
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Global BBA

15 days residential program in UUM,Malaysia in 2nd years.

Attain digital marketing certificate from UUMl Malaysia

Students from 58 other countries shall participate for the same.

Domestic outbound trip

International exposure in all aspects

Assistance for all the final placement/summner Intership


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